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Food Safety on the Web

  • Food safety table tent ideas

    Dairy Links

  • California Dairy Research Foundation - CDRF was created as a not-for-profit research corporation in 1988 for the purpose of promoting research and development activities that benefit California's dairy producers and processors in the consumer marketplace.

  • Dairy Information - Milk Quality Information

  • Ice Cream - Ice Cream information at the University of Guelph

  • National Dairy Council - The latest Dairy nutrition information

  • Why Milk.com - Many milk recipes, contests and events

  • Got Milk? - The site for the famous slogan, including games, information, trivia and much more!!

  • USDA Dairy Site - Accepted Dairy equipment list, sanitation guides, grading services, and much more

  • USDA Dairy Site - Grade standards from the USDA and specifications for dairy products

  • UC Davis Animal Science Dairy Cattle Day - 1998 Procedings UC Davis Dairy Cattle Day

  • The Babcock Institute - International Dairy Research and Development at the University of Wisconsin - Madison DO

  • University Extension - A listing of courses offered.

    Kings County Dairy Newsletter

    Dairy Mailing Lists
    • Dairy-L
      Subscribers include producer-farmers, suppliers of agricultural goods and services, veterinarians, educators, and others.
      Each subscriber receives daily a number of e-mail messages submitted by other subscribers.
      The messages are archived, allowing for the search and retrival of specific information To subscribe, send an e-mail message to listserv@umdd.umd.edu and put the following line in the BODY of the message, NOT the SUBJECT: SUB Dairy-L Firstname Lastname. For example, 'SUB Dairy-L Jane Doe'
    • Dairynew
      E-mails consisting of the latest dairy information from universities
      To subscribe, send an e-mail message to listserv@umdd.umd.edu and put the following line in the BODY of the message, NOT the SUBJECT: SUB DairyNew Firstname Lastname. For example, 'SUB DairyNew Jane Doe'.

    Links to State & Federal Regulations Relating to Dairy Foods

  • California Milk and Dairy Food Safety Branch
  • California Food and Agricultural Code Division 15: Milk and Milk Products Act of 1947.
  • California Code of Regulations Division 2: Animal Industry
  • California Uniform Retail Facilities Law
    Health and Safety Code division 104. Environmental Health Part 7. Retail Food Sections 113700 - 114475
  • California Labeling Laws
    Health and Safety Code Division 104. Environmental Health Part 5. California Sherman Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Law Sections 109875 - 111915
  • Code of Federal Regulations Title 21
  • FDA Forms
  • Federal Labeling Laws
    Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 Part 101 Food Labeling
  • Labeling Exemptions 21 CFR 101.9 (j) (18)
  • Boiler Treatment
    Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 Section 173.310
  • Pasturized Milk Ordinance (PMO)
  • USDA Manufacturing Milk Requirements
  • 3A Standards
  • Backflow Prevention Assemblies
  • The Dairy Practices Council

    Other Links

  • College of Agriculture & Environment - The Main Page

  • University of California, Davis - The University's main page

  • American Council on Science & Health - Wide variety of information regarding diet and health

  • American Dietetics Association Website - Provides food and nutrition information from registered dietitians including "Hot Topic" fact sheets on a variety of topics.

  • Washington State Dairy Council - Features nutrition resources, tips, educational materials and a trivia game for kids.

  • Family Nutrition Made Easy - Open the fridge to see family nutrition made easy. You can learn more about the food guide pyramid; ask nutritional experts for advice; get information on kids in the kitchen; find new tips for your shopping list; and even enter your child in an art contest.

  • Food Safety & Inspection Service - Government agency under the USDA

  • Animal Science - The main page for the Animal Science Dept at U.C. Davis

  • UC Davis Vet Med Cooperative Extension - Information/written materials on cows and goats

  • Tufts Univeristy Nutrition Site Ratings - Lists and rates all nutrition web sites

  • Dr. Bruce Thomas's talk at Dairy Day entitled "Crop Biotechnology: Feeds for the Dairy Industry"