Dairy Foods History

Louis Pasteur

June 22, 2017

BY: H.L. Russell

A FULL-BEARDED man, grisly gray both as to hair and beard, with a stiff leg that at once made you think of a soldier who carried still the scars of battle, stumped his way among the desks of the young doctors and students of the famous Institute Pasteur. This was my first, vision of the great French scientist, Louis Pasteur that I had, as a student in his laboratory in Paris, nearly forty years ago.

Stephen Babcock

June 22, 2017
BY: Andrew W. Hopkins and Agatha Raisbeck

CAN you picture an old-fashioned gray house on an elm shaded street in a little middle western city? Then, can you go inside and find yourself in a. quaint old home into which the sound of a jangling telephone has never entered?

Will you imagine your host, a delightfully entertaining elderly man, interested in anything which has to do with dairying?

Gail Borden

June 22, 2017

By: 0. E: Reed
STRIVE to do all the good possible for mankind." Thus advised one whose name is widely known in connection with various forms of concentrated food-Gail Borden. And the spirit which prompted these words caused him to become interested in the inventions which made him famous. Particularly is this true in his relation to the dairy industry. Although he did his work nearly a century ago his name is at present almost a household word.

Carl De Laval

June 22, 2017
BY: J.C. McDowell

IT IS TRUE that this country has a long list of inventions to its credit, but the cream separator is not. one of them. It was invented by Carl Gustaf De Laval in Sweden in 1878,a little more than 50 years ago.

Gustaf De Laval was born in Sweden May 9, 1845. The name De Laval is of French origin. One of his ancestors came from France and settled in Sweden in 1622. This ancestor seems to have come of a warrior family, as he is reported to have thought with Gustavus Adolphus in at least one of the campaigns carried on by that great Swedish general.

Clarence Eckles

June 22, 2017
BY: E.M. Harmon

NEVER quit a. job till you have won. And be reasonably sure you can master any situation you tackle." It is a good many years since these words or their substance came across the desk of G. H. Eckles to a raw country boy who was just, completing his college course.

Theophilus Haecker

June 22, 2017

BY: W. A. Gordon
A MERRY, little man, whose twinkling bright eyes belie the accuracy of his estimate that he is "physically sound but mentally bankrupt,'' is Theophilus Levi Haecker. Deep furrows line his face, but they are joyous wrinkles-the wrinkles of a man who has laughed much, even while arduous labor of mind and body was leaving its impress.

William Henry

June 22, 2017

BY: F.B. Morrison

A MOST any pleasant day in Balboa Park, San Diego. California, one may see inspecting the botanical and zoological treasures, a tall, white-haired man with the sensitive face of an idealist, but, with the high-bridged nose and firm mouth of the doer. Strangers often ask his name for William Arnon Henry is still a courtly and arresting figure as he nears his eightieth birthday.