Dairy Foods History

William Hoard

June 22, 2017
BY: Howard E. Johnson

THE dairy industry owes a great debt to William Dempster Hoard. An early champion of the specialized dairy cow and a crusader for sound and businesslike, dairy practices, his influence upon the industry is immeasurable.

Otto Hunziker

June 22, 2017

BY: J.B. Fitch

A TOWN boy's love for handling dairy cow? gave dairying one of its ten master minds. Hunziker, the scientist of dairy manufacture, spent most of his boyhood summers working at all sorts of jobs on the dairy farms of the neighborhood.

Elmer McCollum

June 22, 2017

BY: M.D. Munn

IT IS a long way from milking cows on a. Kansas farm to the scientific determination of why milk is man's most important food. Yet this distance is covered by the life and scientific achievements of Dr. E. V. McCollum, who is now only 51 years of age.