A Brief Description of Cheese in Europe

There are hundreds of varieties of cheese in Europe; some of them are:

Bel Paese
A delicate soft Italian cheese.

Bleu Cheese
A blue, French cheese which is available in different varieties designated by the name of the district where it was made.

Brie cheese
Made of whole milk and inoculated with a mold which makes the cheese soften as it matures, until it becomes liquid. It is circular and when ready should be soft enough to yield to pressure when pressed in any part; after this it deteriorates quickly. It is sold packed in straw.

A whole milk soft French cheese which is inoculated with "Penicillium album" which gives it a runny texture when the cheese is mature. It must be really ripe when ready and should yield to the pressure of the fingers. Store at room temperature.

The famous Welsh cheese is of the soft cream type, ideal for those who appreciate the creamy slightly sour taste of the freshly made dairy cheeses.

Carré de l’est
A soft cheese sold in wooden boxes; taste as for Camembert.

The oldest and one of the best of English cheeses, a cutting cheese from semi-hard, to part crumbly or flaky, based upon its maturing period whose color varies from pale yellow to ochre.

An excellent English cheese, mistakenly known as "Chester" in the European continent. It is not as easy to imitate as are many other English cheeses, since the milk from which it is made of has a slightly salty flavor, due to the nature of the grazing in Cheshire.

A rich, double cream cheese and prepared from fresh milk enriched with cream. It should be eaten fresh and not allowed to mature.

A cottage cheese made in Normandy from whole milk. It is slightly salted and sold in foil-wrapped squares.

Double crème
A mild and very rich cheese made from milk which has been enriched with dreined and pressed, more cream is worked in. It is then molded and wrapped.

The famous Scottish cheese, pure white in color, unless unnaturally colored, cheddar type in texture, but differing slightly in flavor because of the northern pasturages.

Excellent cheese from Holland, made from cow’s milk renneted and colored at the same time. It is round like a ball, bright red outside and orange-yellow inside.

English semi-hard cheese, cartwheel in shape.

Similar in taste and texture to Edam but of a different shape, being flat and much larger and weighing about 20 lb.

A white cheese, semi-hard, slightly crumbly, with a distinctive sharp taste.

A rich reddish ochre colored semi-hard cheese, greatly esteemed for its clean, sharp taste.

A German semi-hard whole milk cheese with a pungent smell which is flavored with herbs.

French cheese similar in flavor to Camembert and made in Normandy.

A soft, slightly ripened fresh Italian cheese, being the cheese "par excellence" for pizzas.

A small, loaf-shaped ripe French cheese with a red skin which is dark yellow inside.

Petit Suisse
A creamy, unsalted cheese made from milk to which extra cream has been added. It is small and cylindrical in shape. The best petit-suisse is the Gervais.

Pont l’Evèque
A semi-hard fermented French cheese, packed in wooden boxes. It is firmer than Camembert but also has a pale, wrinkled crust.

Port du Salut
Also a French, delicious, semi-hard whole milk cheese with a mild flavor.

Italian cheese, once made only in Latium, is now made in Southern Italy and Sicily from cows’ and goats’ milk. There are distinctive kinds: Pecorino Romano, made of sheep's milk, Vacchino Romano, made of cows’ milk and Caprino Romano, made of goats’ milk.

A blue-veined cheese made from ewes’ milk and inoculated with the same culture as Stilton. It is matured in limestone caves. True Roquefort is fairly scarce and expensive. It is considered in France to be "the king of cheeses".

A well known German cheese, together with Limburger and Romadour.

A semi-hard German cheese

There are several varieties of this cheese which is reminiscent of "Port Salut" but whiter. The outside is covered closely with grape pips taken from the vine press.

English, a cylindrical double cream cheese, similar in shape and texture to Stilton, otherwise a loosely packed curd.

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