Federal and State Standards for Milk Products

Grade A Raw Milk 
Temperature Cooled to 7 C(45 F) or less within two hours after milking, provided that the blend temperature after the first and subsequent milkings does not exceed 10 C(50 F).

Bacterial Limits
Individual producer milk not to exceed 100,000 per mL ( 50,000) prior to commingling with other producer milk.

Not to exceed 300,000 (50,000) per mL as commingled milk prior to pasteurization.

Not to exceed 750/mL (California).

No zone greater than or equal to 16mm with Bacillus sterothermoph-ilus disc assay method specified in Appendix G. No positive results on drug residue detection methods as referenced in Section 6. Laboratory Techniques.

Somatic Cell Count
Individual producer milk not to exceed 750,000/mL; individual goat milk to remain at 1,000,000/mL

Primary Category