Cottage Cheese made from Goat Milk

Use 2 quarts of evening's milk and 2 quarts of morning's milk. This will give a better cheese than if you use all one milking's milk. However, milk must taste sweet.

Warm the milk to 86 F in a pail. It is easiest to use a dairy thermometer to keep it at a constant temperature, and an easy way to maintain temperature is to immerse your pail in a sink of water which you know is slightly above 86 degrees.

Dissolve 1/8 of a cheese rennet tablet in a glass of cold water. To help tablet dissolve, break and crush with a spoon in water; stir until completely dissolved. Put the pail of milk in a warm place, protected from draft. Add the rennet solution, stir milk thoroughly for a minute after rennet is added.

Let stand undisturbed until a firm curd forms, 30-45 minutes. Test the firmness of curd with your finger; put finger into the curd at an angle, and lift. If the curd breaks clean over your finger, it is ready to cut.

To cut the curd into smell cubes, use a long butcher knife or spatula, long enough so that the blade will go clear to the bottom. Cut 1 inch apart in one direction, then in the opposite direction, so that you have formed squares on the surface. Then make cuts at an angle with the surfaces and then change direction of this angular cut. This is just to break the curd up into smaller pieces.

Stir the curd gently for 15 minutes with your hands. Bring up all pieces from the bottom and gently break apart the larger pieces.

Warm the curd at about 100ƒ F for about an hour, stirring, frequently to keep the curd from sticking together. Then maintain the heat for another hour, stirring, occasionally.

Wash the curd in cold water to let it firm up by running water into the pan slowly for about fifteen minutes, stirring by hand occasionally. Then put the curd into large cheesecloth and run it back and forth under a faucet of cold water. When it is well washed, you can salt it to your own taste. Then put it into a container to refrigerate for a few hours. This will make It more or less glob together into one piece. Then grate it back and forth on a lettuce basket and your curds will break off in clean, nice-sized pieces. You can add sweet cream to improve appearance and consistency, and add fruit like pineapple if you wish (well drained).